CNET ID/Email Address Changes

There are two important changes that students can make to their emails: changing the name that appears on their emails, and creating alternate email addresses. Instructions on both, and the University's policy on CNet ID changes are listed below.

Email Name Changes

If you want to change the name that goes out on emails, the process, listed below, is pretty simple.

Login to with your CNet ID and password. 

From here your may enter your name as you would like it to appear in the From header field of all your messages.

CNet ID/Email Address Changes

University of Chicago email addresses are comprised of two separate components:  CNetID and email aliases.

Currently, students are not allowed to change their CNetID once it has been chosen. If you are a student who has not created your CNetID, please keep this in mind when you create your CNetID.

If you have already chosen your CNetID and would like to change your email address, you may set up an email alias. If you're looking for an alternate email address, you should claim an alias.

What is a CNetID email Alias?

An alias (sometimes also called a nickname) is a pointer to your address. This allows you to receive mail at in addition to your regular address. Please note you can't use an alias to log in to any system.

How can I add a CNetID email Alias?

To add or change a CNetID email alias go to the Email Options website, sign in using your CNetID and password, and click "Add a new mail alias". Enter the alias you want in the field and click "Add new mail alias". As long as this name is not already in use, you will be able to receive mail at within a couple of hours. You can have up to five aliases, in addition to your address.

How can I change my CNetID email Alias?

To change a CNetID email alias you must delete the alias and recreate it.

How can I delete a CNetID email Alias?

Simply go to the Email Options website, and sign in using your CNetID and password. Next click the appropriate "Delete" link. Deleted aliases stop forwarding email immediately. They also immediately become available for other people to claim as aliases or CNetIDs.