Student Counseling Service (SCS)

The Student Counseling Service (SCS) provides mental health care to University of Chicago students. This care includes needs assessment, psychotherapy, psychiatric consultation, academic skills assessment program, support groups, referrals, emergency services, and health promotion and wellness programs.

SCS has offered transgender/genderqueer support groups when there is student interest, in addition to coming out groups on a quarterly basis for both college and graduate students. This group is ideal for college and graduate students who are beginning to question their gender identity and wish to explore gender issues in a safe, supportive environment. Contact John McPherrin, PsyD, at for further information.

Student Health Insurance

The University of Chicago student health insurance covers the following services:

*Contact Student Health Insurance Coordinators

Also visit the Student Health Insurance website to receive the most up-to-date information on coverage and policies.

Howard Brown Health Center

4025 N. Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL 60613

Howard Brown Health Center is one of the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) healthcare organizations. With an annual budget of over $18 million, the agency serves more than 36,000 adults and youth each year.  Its diverse health and social service delivery system focuses around the following programmatic divisions: primary medical care, behavioral health, research, HIV/STD prevention, case management, social services, youth serviceselder services, and community initiatives.

Based in Chicago, Howard Brown's multi-site operation includes a main health and research center in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood, Triad Health practice at Illinois Masonic Hospital, the Broadway Youth Center, and three Brown Elephant Resale Shops.

Howard Brown is committed to improving the health of the transgender community. They offer several programs that center around issues that the transgender community faces, and our medical, behavioral health, and case management staff sensitive to the special needs of their transgender clients.

Howard Brown Health Center and University of Chicago Student Health Insurance

All of the physicians at Howard Brown are considered “in network”.  This means that as long as the services a student receives are “eligible services” (as per the terms of the student insurance policy), then those services will be covered at 90% by the student insurance after satisfying the $200 annual deductible.  For more infomation, please review the 2018-2019 U-SHIP Policy Guide.

Please Note: Information on health care providers covered by U-SHIP may change. Students who would like to go to Howard Brown for health care, but are not sure if the services they will receive are “eligible”, can contact the on-campus insurance office at (773) 834-4543 (press option #2), email or by fax 773-753-4544.

Note: Students should be aware that if they see a physician outside of the Student Health Service (SHS) or Student Counseling Service (SCS), they will first need to obtain a referral from the SHS/SCS.  Without this referral, students are assessed a $50 non-referral fee.  Only one referral is needed per condition/diagnosis.