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Open Housing (Gender-Neutral Housing)

It is important that we create an environment that is welcoming, inclusive and supportive of our students. Open Housing is the UChicago Gender Neutral Housing option. Making Open Housing available for students who do not find traditional same-sex room assignments ideal or appropriate connects directly to the University’s diversity mission. The Open Housing option allows second-, third- and fourth-year College students the choice of living with other second-, third- or fourth-year students, regardless of gender. College Housing will not assign anyone to an opposite-sex roommate unless requested. It is a choice that is available in all Houses, except those traditionally designated as single-gender. Students will not be assigned to Open Housing unless they have elected to do so.

There is no specific number, or limit, of Open Housing rooms on campus. Open Housing will exist across the housing system except in those Houses that are designated as single-sex. Our priority is to meet the individual needs of our diverse student community. We encourage students to maintain an open dialogue with their families. Students over the age of 18 are legally able to make decisions about their housing contracts. Student under 18 should discuss housing plans with their families, as they must provide parental consent. Students are not required to reveal their reasons for opting to live in Open Housing.

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Open Housing Declaration Form

Restrooms in Housing

If you need access to a gender-neutral restroom, it is important to communicate that need to College Housing on the housing application. Students can also email College Housing at, or call them at 773-702-7366.

Non-Open Housing Options

College Housing will assist students who cannot or do not wish to participate in Open Housing. If you need assistance with your living arrangements, please indicate this on your Housing Application, by indicating you need a roommate arrangement that is appropriate for your situation. This can be indicated under the "Please list any factors that would help us to choose a reasonably compatible roommate for you (Please note that roommate assignments are made without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, or other factors prohibited by law)" question on the The University of Chicago House System Undergraduate Housing Application.

Contacting Undergraduate Housing

The staff in College Housing are available to help students determine what is personally going to be the most helpful housing assignment for them, including finding housing that takes into account gender-neutral bathroom requests.  Students should email College Housing at, or call them at 773-702-7366.

For more information about the College House System, along with up-to-date policy information, please visit them at

Graduate Student Housing

The University offers graduate students living arrangements in 1,300 units in 28 apartment buildings owned and managed by the University. Because all housing is selected by the student, all graduate housing is gender-neutral.