Frequently Asked Questions

Gender Inclusive Student Records FAQ

Why have gender identity and pronouns of reference been added as student record options?

The University of Chicago joins 30+ colleges and universities across the country in making our student records more inclusive. We understand that student’s identities play an integral role in how they experience and navigate their college experience, as such, the University of Chicago seeks to be responsive to the needs of gender diverse students who join us for their educational endeavors. We continue to strengthen our inclusion efforts by aligning our record systems with national best practices that seek to validate student’s diverse gender identities.

What do all of these terms mean?

Please visit the Inclusive Gender Identity Language page for a comprehensive list of the various gender identity and pronouns of reference options and their definitions. Also, check out our page on Gender Pronouns for further information.

How will this information be used?

The gender identity and pronouns of reference information is considered confidential under FERPA. Please visit the Information Access, Usage & Language section for details related to how this record information used.

Who do I contact with questions?

For questions about changing preferred name, gender identity, sex designation, and/or pronouns of reference contact, the University Registrar. Email:

For questions about why these changes were made, contact the Office of LGBTQ Student Life. Email: