Queer 101 Orientation

We are excited to welcome you to campus! The University of Chicago has long been a place where queer students and allies have thrived. Here you will find a diverse and vibrant LGBTQA community.

The queer community is centered around the Office of LGBTQ Student Life, whose mission is to serve as the hub of the LGBTQ community on campus. The Office provides numerous events, resources and leadership opportunities for all students at the University of Chicago. We encourage you to check our website  frequently to stay informed of events in the community, as well as to connect to resources. The (U)Chicago Queer Compass, published by the Office, is an excellent guide to queer life on and off campus.

We've got everything you need here to adjust to queer life on campus and in the City of Chicago. Whether you're looking for a student organization to get involved in, or need help navi"gay"ting Chicago, this website will provide the resources you need.

Be sure to visit the home for the Office of LGBTQ Student Life at 5710 South Woodlawn. We hope to see you soon around campus!